Frequently Asked Questions


What does this do exactly?

This is a browser addon for Chrome and Firefox that shows you relevant metrics for domains directly on multiple domain auction websites. This makes it easy for you to evaluate domains without having to leave the auction website and go check somewhere else.

What are the benefits of the metrics?

The various metrics help you filter out the low value domains and ensure that you do not get scammed into paying for a worthless domain. For more information on the metrics check out this article on how to evaluate expired domains

What metrics are shown?

We show metrics from Majestic, Moz, SEMrush, SimilarWeb, Alexa and Estibot. Of notable importance are the Majestic Seo Topical Trust Flow Categories, Trust Flow, Moz Domain Authority and Rank, SEMrush Traffic, SimilarWeb Rank and Estibot Value

I have installed the extension, but nothing has happened

Once you install the extension all you need to do is to go to one of the website list below and you should start seeing the metrics appear next to each domain

How do I highlight domains based on my filters?

Go to Settings->Tools->Extensions. Locate the DomCop extension and click on the "Options" link. Here you can choose the parameters you want to base the highlight on. Remember to check the "Highlight Domains" checkbox at the top.
There are currently two options for highlighting the domains (1) the background color of the main metric box becomes a light green (2) A green colored star icon is shown at the end of the domain.

Why do some metrics show a blue cross instead of the value? How do I see all the metrics?

You need an API Key to see some metrics. Please follow these steps for setting up the API Key

How do I setup the API Key?

You need an account with DomCop to generate the API Key. Please follow these steps for setting up the API Key

Something is wrong, what do I do?

Please email us at with information on the issue and we will fix it ASAP